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The One Reason Your Blood Sugar Level Won’t Ever Go Down 

...And What You MUST do to effectively beat Diabetes Forever while eating/drinking what you want. 

Dear Friend,

I want to establish 3 hard cold truths that you can either accept and continue reading

…or hate and leave to continue the same thing that has gotten you nowhere so far.


  • First, no drug can just out of the blue cure diabetes. At least for now, so stop believing all the hogwash drug sellers are giving you - trust me, they’re seriously damaging the affected organs diabetes has left for you.
  • Diabetes can only be beaten into remission (i.e to be in tune with your body) (but carefully) without expensive drugs, and unnecessary meal plans.
  • And to beat diabetes into remission - you need to first establish the cause (of your own case) which is where most drugs and people fail you.

Let me explain

You see, diabetes as a disease is the failure of the body to use the insulin produced by the pancreas.

Now, insulin is the substance that makes it possible for the body to make use of sugar - glucose which is the end-product of carbohydrate digestion in your system.

The thing is, in the absence of glucose in the body, the diabetic is then starved of sugar no matter how much he takes in, and the excess sugar in the blood (not being used now) acts as a poison…which in extreme cases, leads to malfunction of the cells which support nearly all the functions in the organs.

While it is confusing to understand why this happens,

Considerable evidence from studies conducted at the Pears Encyclopedia of Diabetes Control Journal, reveals how to use the body’s natural defense system to beat diabetes into remission.

Since the problem is in the inability of the pancreas to use sugar and power the body.

By implication, it means that there must be something wrong - which the body can correct with the right information.

Fact is: Every human has a set of DNA codes that instruct our immune systems to get to work when there is a problem in the body. …and these codes respond only when they are triggered.

But to do that you need to understand that first, your ‘Genetic Codes’ needs to be reprogrammed to receive signals from your body that there is a problem…

And secondly, your body needs to safely expel all the accumulated sugar in your body without causing more damages to your damaged organs.

With these two in check, you’ll see that in no time, your body will normalize sugar production, use it effectively and dispose off the rest.

…which is the only way you can beat diabetes into remission.


Not a lot of people understand these steps…how to make sure they are in sync with your body to avoid toxic inflow during treatment which can be very dangerous.

…and the few that do know how to are either dead or have been bribed to keep quiet.

The simple reason is, there are people benefiting from your one-day-at-a-time death.

But you can beat them at their own game if only you are ready to.

You need to know that:

You can wake up in the morning, run inside your kitchen, and eat whatever you want without that crazy warning that comes to your head all the time.

Remember! this is your journey...alone...but you don’t have to travel that road alone.

I say this because just like you We’ve helped over 1,000 people in Ghana, India, the UK, and in the USA through the power of ‘Nature’ to effectively Unlink Your DNA from diabetes. And get back to your normal life

A normal life that you wake up in the morning, rush down to the kitchen, grab anything that reaches your mouth and throws it in there without worrying whether it has sugar or not.

A normal human being that does not want their children, family and friends to continue...

...Wasting money, worrying about them and constantly shedding hidden tears at their back

 Do You Know That...

there is more incompetence in the government and the Nigerian health sector than in any other field today?

and with those frequent hospital visits,…there’s still that problem of leaving a genetic link for generations coming after you to suffer the same.

This is why it is annoying when ‘most useless’ drug sellers promise you heaven and earth in less than 30 days.…without first understanding your ‘gene-link, your habits, and direct expositions.

Are you kidding me?

Now Listen!

The diagnostic criteria for a diabetic, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a blood sugar (glucose) level of 7.0mol/L

...and higher.

What this means is,

...that if you are able to get your blood sugar level between  4.0- 5.9 mmol/L over a specific and discernible period of time...while not taking any medication, it can be said you have reversed your diabetes 

And what you may likely not know is this,

The diabetic medications that lower your blood sugar level you consume…

 only treat the symptoms and not - the cause...more like wishing to cure malaria with typhoid drugs.

 According to reports:

It is your duty to unlink your ‘DNA’ from diabetes so that generation after you won’t suffer it again because...

Diabetes is not something to even wish on your enemy.

  • You can decide today to avoid that stroke and cancer that follow excessive use of insulin injection.
  • You can decide today to be happy again and save your loved ones the burden, agony, and stress of financing your life.
  • You can also decide today to eat whatever you want, gain good weight and look appealing just like you used to be.

and...It doesn't matter the stage you are in, you can do this.

So, How can you exactly...even with a high blood sugar level reverse your diabetic condition without...unnecessary dieting and drugs 

Nothing is ever hidden.

The complete Ultimate Retune Package is made up of herbs and spices that are known but can mostly be found in India.

This Ultimate Diabetes Retune Package will:

  • Break Down and Flush Trapped Chemical Molecules by triggering your ‘DNA’ to see them as ‘foreign bodies’ and triggering the immune system to fight it
  • 'Provide Essential Nutrients and Strength your body needs to heal naturally, produce and manage insulin your body has lacked because of the routine drugs and food you have been using
  • Provide Lasting ‘Curative’ Agents to make sure you don’t ever have the need to visit any hospital again - because of diabetes
  • Erectile dysfunction and impotence
  • Blurry vision Sores that don’t heal
  • Decreased sex drive...
  • urinary tract more

This special blend of minerals, herbs, and vitamins apart from helping you permanently reverse your condition equally:

  • Support and blood sugar regulation.
  • Aid in promoting healthy heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas function
  • Support healthy pancreas function
  • Combat Insulin Resistance.
  • Correct nutritional deficiencies.
  • Help insulin transport sugar out of your blood and into your cells for a boost in energy.
  • Increase your appetite for normal food and sex
  • Help support pancreas health and helps to maintain healthy A1C levels.

This simple solution is responsible for this:

...The  ULTIMATE DIABETES PACKAGE quickly helps you get RID of the excess sugar in your ENTIRE system while REGULATING and AIDING the production of INSULIN to match what the body needs to function effectively.

However, We’ve spent millions, time and sweat in knowing the right amount you need, how and when you need it don’t overdose.

Yes, you can overdose on natural healers and risk other health issues you’ll likely live with the rest of your life...depending on how long it is.

All you need is Just a two tablets of the Ultimate Formula taken twice a all it trigger your natural healing process and reverse your diabetes. will start seeing results as early as  7 days of usage, but the regular intake of this product for up to 90 days will:

Here's what you get when you order the ULTIMATE DMEL KIT:

  • The Ultimate Food Expo For People Living With Diabetes- A masterfully crafted guide that teaches godly and tasteful recipes you can start enjoying today. These foods help you get better quicker - very healthy and not routine.
  • The Calorie Calculator and Food Sugar Level App For People With Diabetes - With this App, you get to monitor, understand and plan your next meal without hassles... until you are finally able to enjoy any kind of food you wish to. 
  • Guided Exercises And Tricks To Stay Fit -- This is a group where my therapist and I show you how to get your body back together with short and deep exercises to help you heal better (I also monitor your progress here)
  • Ultimate Blow Job Techniques For People Living With Diabetes - These are our carefully selected videos that show you how to get it done right, how to last longer, and enjoy every bit of that moment with your spouse 

Again, you'll get to enjoy 60days Free Support from our experts ;

I know that if left alone, it might be difficult for you to do everything on your own.

That’s why you have a support system dedicated to you alone whenever you want...We’ll answer and help you.

And if you can trust us to help you break the link between you and death, We’d gladly help you live again to the fullest.

Finally, you get to enjoy our 40days return policy

We are sure you will love the‘Ultimate Diabetes Retune Package’ that's why for 6 months, our experts will stay with you in both our group and personal call.

...that way, you will have plenty of time to examine the ‘Ultimate Diabetes Retune Package’ and discover for yourself how wonderful it is.

If you are dissatisfied, you can return the unused portion to us within 40-days and have your FULL refund + you get to keep the other FREE items. hard feelings and no stories.

Now compare for a minute what I am giving you to the amount of money you have spent already…


Please ONLY ORDER if you will be available within 1-3 days to receive the package, as we DO NOT have much to keep.


Fill The Form to Place your order Now!

(If you are seeing this, It means you really want us to help you force out diabetes from your life, and that's why I'm stressing this further to reward you by allowing you to get the Ultimate Diabetes Kit for just Ksh 8,100 Before the timer hits zero. You only have 60 minutes to take action)


One more thing, 

You can’t find this unique product anywhere in the market

And you can order now or miss out later. 

The choice is entirely yours -

To your best life, my friend.


Dr. Alfred Leo

Chief Research Advisor, Nutriticare LLC.

India, Uk, Nigeria.

PSS. You are a champion and never feel less.

You should not, that's why I am your biggest Supporter.


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