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Unleash the Genius in your kid with Educational Tab...

Entertain Kids on the go, at home or anywhere with this learning i-fun pad.

 Develop little kids motor and communications skills with this entertaining toy.


Recommended for age 12+ months to 12 years. 100% satisfactory Guaranteed-your children are  guaranteed to be kept occupied with this fun educational touch pad.

The Ultimate Children Android Tablet is a perfect tool for your child and here is Why!!!

  • They will develop super and great memories by playing brain teaser games. Research have it that children who starts playing brain teaser games have 90% chance of developing great retentive memories.
  • Mastering English Words & Pronunciations. The kid's tablet will help your child learn words of 2-3 letters up to 26 letters, get their spellings right and also help them to pronounce them properly.
  • Teach Mathematics From An Early Age. Early childhood mathematics is vitally important for your child's present and future educational success. So let your child fall in love with maths at an early age with this kid's tablet.
  • Help Your Kids Remember More (and learn more) with Music For children, music helps in boosting their brain power, improve their memory and also makes your child more disciplined and fosters creativity in them. The tablet comes with a built in piano learning program.  
  • They can tackle their HARD assignments and home work using the pre installed mathematical games and Google for basic science.
  • It is easier to turn them into a genius if you start now. Don’t wait till other things around the your environment or surrounding fills their memory.

  • How would you deal with the feelings of guilt when your kid becomes a mediocre simply because you refused to get them an educational tablet that could help change their mind to become someone great.

  • Imagine how your kids will feel if they have a learning device that entertains and educate themIn America, and other developed countries in the World, this is the device parents use positioning the mind of kids into becoming great individuals like pilots. Doctors etc.

  • 27,000 is too small compared with the impact this will have in the life of your children.

  • Keep them indoors and busy with something that helps their mental development. Provided, the battery is charged, it can charged, it can last for 6 hours

How much Does this cost?

Normal Price is N36,000

Discount Price is N27,000

Discount Price for 2Pcs Purchased is N50,000



  1. 1
    Inculcate Healthy Competition with Quizzes:  Make your kid more competitive in a healthy way as well as intelligent with these simple quizzes and games which help in increasing general knowledge. This means you don't have to stress yourself with your kids assignment anymore. And they can learn how to use google and youtube at a tender age, and it develops their thinking faculty.

  2. 2
    Increase Their Perceptual Reasoning:  Matching games boost their perceptual reasoning by increasing their ability to recognize and compare visual information. It also improves concentration in children & helps them grasp information faster. 

  3. 3
    Kids tablet adopts Quad Core Processor 1.5GHZ, Google Android 9.0 operating system, offers high speed and responsiveness to run educational apps and play games, *7" IPS 1024*600 display brings bright and vivid graphics. 1GB RAM, 8 GB Flash, extendable to 32 GB with Micro SD card for more space; with dual cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, Children tablet supports wifi; pre-installed with youtube, play store, etc.

  4. 4
    8 Inch kids tablet with case, durable, lightweight case to protect against drops and bumps caused by kids at play. skin-friendly, safe to touch, and can avoid damages caused by drops and bumps at play, easy for little hands to hold. 

  5. 5
    It's best gift for your kids this valentine

  6. 6
    Overall Independent Learning  
    Last but not the least, it is said that what they learn on their own (independently) they remember forever, instead of learning from their parents or others especially at an early age. Independent learning encourage your child to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems and share their achievements with others.

The Education tabe comes in 3 Configurations.


8Gb Hard Drive + Doesn't Use Sim card


8gb hard drive and 1gb Rom. There is space for memory card, upto 32gb. Suitable for 12 months old - 8 years old kids.

Battery Capacity: 3000 MAh. Lasts for more than 6 hours when fully charged. Size is 7 Inches.

Cost for one is 27,000


16Gb Hard Drive + Doesn't Use Sim card


16gb hard drive and 1gb Rom. There is space for memory card, upto 64gb. Suitable for 12 months old- 10 years old kids.

Battery Capacity: 3000 MAh. Lasts for more than 6 hours when fully charged. Size is 7 Inches.

Cost for one is 30,000


Uses Sim card


Size is 10 inches, and it works like laptop. Suitable for 9 years old and above.

Comes with 16gb Hard Drive capacity and 1 gb RAM with memory card slot.


And Battery Capacity is 4000MAh.

Cost for one is N37,000

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