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[Hope Is Finally Here]

As Denmark Scientist Exposes the Secret System to Shutdown Type 2 Diabetes.

...Make You Live Healthy and Normal and Begin to Enjoy Life Again

Dear Friend

  • Have you ever thought that your condition could change for good?
  • That you could finally get away from the grasp of diabetes and the dangerous health risks associated with it
  • Do you wish that you can live normal again?
  • Have normal sex again? 
  • Eat healthy and normal again?

Live a diabetes-free life where you are free from the bad and dangerous health risks of high blood pressure, the silent killer.

Free from the fear of sudden death due to diabetes-induced high blood pressure.

Free from the nightmare of one-day suffering stroke and becoming an invalid because of diabetic damages to your blood vessels.

Free from the looming danger of heart attacks…

Or even the deterioration of body tissues that can lead to open sores on your legs or even worse, amputation of your leg?

Imagine the fear of knowing that with diabetes you are not safe from any of these calamities that can turn your day into darkness or even death without a sign.

Imagine the horrible condition of spending all your life’s saving and that of your family trying to manage the diabetes monster.

The worst realization is that diabetes once the damages set off is difficult to control it.

No matter how much you try.

No matter how much medication you take.


Hope is finally here and you are lucky to be reading this letter today.

This hope is that your type-2 diabetes can be reversed.

You can live a normal life again.

You can have your life back again.

But this is only going to be possible if you know what to do and how to do it.

This will only be possible if you listen and obey.

This is only going to be possible if you pay close attention and read carefully in the next few paragraphs of this letter.

Because in the next few minutes I am going to show you why and how your type 2 diabetes can be completely shut down and reversed…

-And you can take back charge over your life again and nothing can stop you from enjoying your life and living into your old age.

The only thing between you and a healthy-life-free-of-diabetes that you crave and pray for, is you and the next few paragraphs of this letter.

And now is the time to know the truth.

As you must already know…

The chief causes of diabetes are an increase in blood sugar levels and the inability of your body to produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) or the inability of your body to use the insulin it produced (type 2 diabetes).

But that’s where your knowledge probably stops…

What you probably don’t know is what this increase in blood sugar does to your body.

The level of damages it causes to your body organs, from your kidney to your blood vessels to the nerves in your body and your body tissues.

What you don’t know is how this increase in blood sugar also known as hyperglycemia leads to the deterioration of your body, to stroke, to blindness to the death of your body tissues and your muscles which leads to the open sores that refuse to heal…

Now what all these things point to, is the truth that diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder…

And if you can dig into the metabolic pathway of your body and correct this disorder then you can completely reverse diabetes type-2, clamp it down and save your life from the miserable conditions this chronic disease can take you to.

And today, I bring you the good news that will turn your life around.

Because I am going to show you the SECRET System, a holistic system that if you follow today, will help shutdown diabetes from your body and usher you into a new life of good health and energy.

You will live a free and healthy life, free from diabetes and all its complications.

I am Dr. Brita Che, a doctor of Nutritional Physiology based in Denmark where I have used this nutrition-based secret system to help diabetic patients like you completely reverse type 2 diabetes, improve their lives and go on to live and enjoy life to the fullest once again.

And now, in collaboration with Linda Chikaodi, Nutritionist Dietitian and health consultant whom I am going to be working together with here in Nigeria.

Ihekuna Linda Chikaodi

We are introducing you to...

A 30-day Reverse Diabetes Mellitus type 2 Bootcamp 

Where we are going to take you by the hand...

Guide you.

Coach you...

Show you the system and the tools you need to reverse and shutdown type-2 diabetes from your body, supercharge your life and live a normal healthy life without dependency on drugs.

In this 30-days of total health cleansing and resetting:

  • You are going to find out the real truths about diabetes.
  • You are going to find out the things you must-do if you want to live
  • You are going to find out the kinds of food you have to be eating and why you need to eat them.
  • You're going to find out the right food combinations that will boost your health and switch on your body to become insulin tolerant again.
  • You are going to find out how to boost your body’s immune system... Supercharge your bodies redox system and maintain absolute great health again.
  • You are going to find out how to build up your bodies SOD and flush out peroxides from your body.
  • You are going to find out how to channel the right food pathways and totally turn around your bodies metabolic mess that is messing your body system and ravaging your body with disease.
  • You are going to find out how to shut down your blood sugar levels. Keep it at normal and block out the complications of diabetes.  

We are going to introduce you to the "AIM".

This is the key to unlocking your diabetes type 2-Free life.

The AIM is your second lease of life and if you know the AIM and apply it to your eating habits.

You will live longer and your health all round  would improve.

In this program, we will take you down to the molecular level where we will help you dig up and resurrect back your health.

  • You're going to feel it.
  • You're going to see it. 
  • And you're going to confirm it.

You are going to feel and see the burning transformation of your health and your life.

If you stay true and consistent to the program, diabetes type – 2 will be completely shut out of your body to the point where you will need no more medication.

Here are some of the things you are going to be getting in this program that will all together to help you kick type-2 diabetes out of your life

Before you become a member and participant of the program.

  • We will, first of all, send you an intimate health history form to fill…Where we expect you to tell us everything about your condition… this will give us the information to deal with your unique challenges based on your health history to help you finally flush diabetes out of your life.
  • We are going to design a personalized metabolic system for total internal system cleansing and reversal of your blood sugar levels and diabetes. 
  • We will also help you design a health goal plan that we will follow up and measure, to make sure you stick to the system and experience the magic of your new body and transformation from reversing type 2-diabetes.
  • You are going to get a unique list of more than 80 meal recipes that will completely transform your body system. These recipes are easy to put together with healthy natural ingredients available to you. These recipes take your health state into consideration and will help you renew and reset your internal system and boost your immune system. 
  • We will give you the list of the highly needed nutrients that the high blood sugar in your body due to diabetes, deplete, and what you have to eat to gain these nutrients. 
  • You are going to get a bottle of the Special Metabolic Fix formula all the way from Denmark. This is the super-nutritious formula that will help you destroy the dangerous ROS ravaging your body, reset your redox system and flush out the dangerous particles damaging your body from the inside. The Metabolic Fix is the water of life. You need it to make your life great again. 
  • We are going to help you work out your BMI and other indices that we can use to measure your progress and overall health improvement
  • Each week of the program would be packed with lessons and activities that take your life from ground zero to complete great health and rid of diabetes.
  • And that’s not even all…
  • You will get a one-month diet plan that will help you to shed fat, transform your body cells and make them insulin tolerant again… what this means is that your body will start using insulin again and you will free from high blood sugar and diabetes.  

And so much more.

We will be with you, helping you, assisting, answering your questions and helping you redesign your life for good.

You will find all the truths about diabetes and how to get rid of it.

This is an intensive training and not some one-off like what you are used to already.

This is a mandate to get you well again so that you can live for the people who love you.

So that you will live healthy and strong again without becoming a heavy burden to yourself and your family.

This is the opportunity you and everyone who wishes to kick out diabetes must not miss because this is your second shot at a new life.

Now, before I tell you how to become a part of this campaign against diabetes…

Before I tell you how you can join these group of the lucky ones who will get a shot at reversing their conditions and living in strong health again…

I must have to warn you…

  • That this program, this 30-Day Diabetes Type-2 Reversal boot camp, is not for EVERYONE…
  • This program, this chance to get your life back on track and free of diabetes is not for everyone.
  • This program is not for skeptics and those “I too Sabi” obnoxious and bitter humans who cannot obey simple instructions.
  • This program is not for you if you are too lazy to implement the instructions that will transform your health.
  • This program is not for you if you are already filled with self-loathing for your condition and does not believe that your life will ever be transformed again.
  • This program is not for you if you are already a pessimist and full of self-hatred.
  • And this program is not very cheap.

We know this system works and will work for you and we are giving you all the best shots to take advantage of it and become recharged and filled with life and free of diabetes once again.

If you place money before your health, then this program is not for you.

Imagine all you have already spent in managing your condition and still you are not getting any better.

You go for a checkup every few months…

Live a nightmare of popping metformin and other drugs every day.

Checking your blood sugar levels like it will cure you of your condition.

Taking insulin shots every few days.

Yet you are not free of diabetes…

Yet your health deteriorates every day.

This is your chance to shut this disease down and out.

This is your chance to bail yourself out of the prison of diabetes.

If you have to pay 1,500,000 (1.5 Million Naira) to get back strong health and be free from diabetes will that be too much for you?

Is there anything better than living in great health and not be imprisoned by your body and the fear of dying hammering every day in your mind and soul.

The truth is that this program is not even going to cost you as close as to 1.5 Million Naira or even half of it…

Which is 750,000 (Seven Hundred and Fifty).

In Europe, people we treat with this system to help them reverse their diabetic conditions pay as much as 4000 Euros and that’s more than 1.6 Million Naira.

But these people are most times covered by health insurance which you don’t enjoy in Africa…

So I have spoken with Linda and she told me all about the hardships and the things you pass through to live every day.

I was touched, so I took her word on it and we agreed that for a limited time and for a limited number of persons that we are going to cut down the price, subsidize the membership price to this program.

We agreed that it is not going to be 750,000…

Not even 500,000

Or even half of that which is just 250,000 (625 Euros)

But just a small amount of…

375 Euros, which is equivalent to 150,000 Naira.

That’s all you have to pay to become a memeber.

This price is not even up to what I bill my patients in 3 hours but I am going to let you have it at that for my time and resources for one month, 30 days, 720 hours.

Because this is already my mission to help as many Africans get their life back and live in good health again, free from diabetes. I was all ready to go with that price…

But again…

Linda intervened again.

Linda told me that you may not be able to still afford this money.

Linda told me that the minimum wage in your country is just about 20% of this 150,000.

Which is just 30,000 Naira.

As I was listening to her, I felt the tremor of fear in her voice.

She felt for you and your situation.

And I will be rogue if I deny the feeling of empathy she felt inside…

And then I listened to her…

And we decided that for a limited time and for just 20 persons only.

That the price of the…

30-Day Reverse Your Type-2 Diabetes Program will go for only…

87,750 Naira, just 220 Euros (less than an hour session with me which is 250 Euros).

You have no reason to miss this…

But that’s not even all.

To make this offer even more affordable for you…

There are two payment plans…

One-time payment of just…

57,750 Naira only and that’s if you pay now to book your seat.

You will be saving a whopping 20,000 Naira which you can use to solve other problems.

This is the early bird offer for the first 10 persons…


Payment Option 2

Now, in case you have the desire to participate in this program but you are handicapped financially at the moment…

Linda and I have agreed to give you a second chance with the second payment option…

This is the part payment option where you are going to pay only…

67,750 in two payments.

70% first installment which is 47,425 Naira…

And then 30% after 7 days into the program.

Click the link below

Note: If for any reason, you do not prefer to use the online payment. Simply do a Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money


Bank: First Bank

Account number: 3053523526

Account Name: Ihekuna Linda Chikaodi

Step 2: After Payment

 Send a text message  containing Diabetic Reversal Bootcamp (part of full payment), YOUR NAME , and  PHONE NUMBER to 08117367270.

Once we confirm it, we will give you a call and thereafter add you automatically to the Close group.

This offer is not forever and we are only going to with just 20 patients because of the level of commitment, time and resources involved.

And if you are not ready to invest the time and energy and commitment that will help us to help you reverse your health condition and give you the renewed and revitalized healthy and strong life you pray and wish for…

Then please, do not pay for this program.

We are not interested in your money.

We are interested in making a huge difference in your life.

We are interested in seeing you live again.

We are interested in cutting down the rate of the havoc diabetes is wrecking in Africa and you are lucky to be reading this and to be among the first beneficiaries of this massive health movement.

It is either you take advantage of it now.

...Or you continue to die slowly and painfully through the massive internal havoc that diabetes is wrecking on your body even as you read this letter.

The time is now to shut down this diabetes monster, rest your internal system, destroy the dangerous particles killing your body cells and bring down your blood sugar levels to normal, maintain it there and get your body to start using insulin again.

The more you delay...The more diabetes eats you alive and the more you get closer to the inevitable. Death.

Here’s the chance to live again…

The 30 –Day Reverse Type-2 Diabetes Boot camp.

It is going to take place on an exclusive and closed WhatsApp group.

  • It’s going to be practical.
  • It’s going to be knowledge jam-packed. 
  • It’s going to be personalized for you.And it’s going to be intense and fulfilling.
  • And it’s going to be intense and fulfilling.

This is the first time you are hearing something like this…

That your diabetes can finally be cured by going to the roots of the problem and finally uprooting the root cause of the disease by following committedly and practicing a proven system based on nutrition and the body physiology that gets you to live again and shut down the death that diabetes is feeding you with.

Click the button below to join the program

There are only 20 seats available and as you read this I have no guarantee that it is still so.

Once we have 20 participants we will slam the door shut and the 21st will be fully refunded.

This is because we place more value on the result and value delivery over your money.

We are not interested in your money but your well-being the result we are going to be giving you…

..Which is to Reverse Your Type-2 Diabetes in 30 Days and give you the secret system and the tools you need to keep living healthy and strong ever after.

And because we care more about you than whatever amount you are paying for this program…

We are giving you a 90-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.


This means that for any reason if, after 90 days of this program, you don't see any results or any change in your health condition for the better.

If you follow all the instructions and the lifestyle you are exposed to in this program and you do not see your blood sugar levels normalized and the adverse conditions of your health state change for the better…

Then we are going to refund you every dime you paid for this program and tender you an apology for dashing your hopes and you can go ahead and sue us in any court of your choice for false claims.

We are doing this and exposing ourselves to these risks because we believe in what we are bringing to you.

And to prove your doubts wrong and take away all the risks from you.

Here’s the risk to join the program now. 

  • You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your money investment is safe and risk-free. The risks are all on us.
  • You have the chance to reverse your health for good and live a normal, healthy and strong life again.

Remember it is just 20 persons and we will shut down this opportunity to join this program.

Here’s what happens after your payment.

You will be sent the link to join the exclusive, closed WhatsApp group for the program where everything will take place.

You will then meet other members and participants in the program and then every other instructions and directive will take place in the group.

The seats are filling up as you read this…

Make your commitment now and become a part of this transformation.

Say bye-bye to diabetes and the death it brings.

The more time you waste the more time you miss this chance.

Don’t live with the regrets of missing this plus living with the misfortune of your condition.

Here’s hope staring you in the eyes.

Take it now.

Cheers to your good health which is surely coming.

Dr Brita Che

Linda Ihekuna

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Does this work for someone that has been on medication for over 20 years?

Will I be refunded if after the 30 days I didn't see any results?

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