The World’s Best Kept Sex Secret


The Zulu Warrior Secret To The Best, Longest, Most Pleasurable Sex Of Your Life…


Fact: Zulu medicine men used this ‘secret weapon’ to transform their warriors into a formidable fighting force…one that defeated the world’s most powerful empire and holds the specific secrets you can use now to give your woman the best sex of her life…

Dec 23, 2020,Ikeja, Lagos

Dear friend, 

If you have ‘personal’ reasons against using ‘sex’ as a weapon and tool to bend any woman on earth to your WILL…then…

…please stop reading right now…

because the rest of this webpage talks ONLY about how to use addictive SEX to hold any woman down and make her never desire any man again except YOU.

I’ve fairly warned You. but,

  • ...if you desire to be able to give any woman mind-blowing, toe-curling and addictive sex that ties her body and soul to you.

  • ...if you want to have a better mood and faster physical response to her touch... anytime...

  • ...if it is your hunger to have sex more often, restore your confidence by releasing when you want, end your low sex drive and dominate any woman to the very core...

…then this will be the most exciting webpage you will ever read.


I’ll be revealing to you the only solution you ever need to permanently end quick ejaculation, increase your penile size, have sex whenever you want and produce better sperm without taking viagra or tramadol

Now, here’s what this is about:

More than a century ago, the British army roamed across the African countryside looking for gold, land, and resources…and…

They were largely successful.

…but they had a tiny problem, the Zulu, a small rag-tag group of rebels with little old and wretched weapons at their reach and disposal.


Yet the Zulu warriors fearlessly took on the most powerful, technologically advanced empire in history in a fight for their freedom…and WON!

A story still being told to date, a story that can only be compared to the Jewish apocalypse where Adolf Hitler wanted to end an entire race.

because he didn’t like them

….You can imagine the nonsense.

 But why such bravery?

Why go up against the people that enslaved, exploited (still exploits) the African people till today?

The reason is simple:

…the Zulu warriors knew they had a much more powerful weapon in their arsenal.

One that made them almost invincible against their enemies and earned them a reputation as the world’s fiercest warriors

The weapon was a rare African root – a secret safeguarded by the Zulu tribe for over 3,000 years, called the ‘Warrior Root’ because it was reserved for men of the tribe.

You see,

Before the battle, the Zulu would take a tiny dose of this strange plant…and when they did, they instantly felt consumed by excess power and strength.

…strength that made it possible for them to do 10x what was initially hard for them.

But how does the Zulu story affect how long you can maintain an erection or even satisfy a woman?

Now, here’s the truth

The Key To Unlocking Your Body’s Hidden Sexual Power – At Any Age

Legend has it that the ‘Warrior Root’ also gave the Zulu men almost supernatural sexual powers…this includes their elderly chiefs who had as much as 100 wives, whom they could satisfy without releasing…

(This is documented in the University of Pretoria Research Journal which you can find online in case you want to read it)

…and just as the Zulu warriors were once famous for their strength and courage…they became equally famous worldwide for their unmatched sexual powers.

Now this ‘Warrior Root’ is no longer used for war…but instead to help men just like YOU conquer in the bedroom – no matter your age…what you’ve tried before…or your body size.

In fact, just one tiny dose will instantly deliver…

  • Rock-hard erections that quickly stand on attention...

  • The ability to make love when you want (and the manpower to keep going as long as you desire)...

  • Stiffer, firmer, and thicker than-a-rock penis...

  • More intense orgasms…

  • Better and thicker sperm (the type some crazy women love to swallow or eat)

  • And more pleasurable and satisfying sex.

You see, 

It is not your fault that you can’t sustain or maintain a firm erection needed to penetrate your woman like you used to before,

I get that it takes you just about the same time you are unzipped to also release,

leaving your woman confused, angry and horny, (left only with the option of using her fingers, the pillow or the big sex toy that seem to be competing with you). 

You see,

Nothing compares to the hurt and pain you feel when she finally releases from her own pleasure, smiling and throwing her face away from you 

…while you lie down in tears feeling defeated like a chicken  

With desperation and worry tearing your head and soul apart over everything you have wasted money on that has failed you.  


The truth is,

Your Doctor and Sex Enhancement Drug Sellers Have Been Lying To You

…and to be honest, if you ever know this truth,

you’ll stop making billions for them every year.

This is it: 

You can’t permanently cure erectile dysfunction only by treating the symptoms...


Taking sex enhancement drugs is like treating  typhoid with a  malaria medication


To completely cure erectile dysfunction you need to understand your blood flow and your hormonal patterns

…and it’s the very thing a lot of health professionals don’t know or refuse to tell you.

And that’s why…

Doctors can help you with the basics, but they can’t help you reverse this condition which is what is needed for you to have and enjoy great sex.

What am talking about is the kind of undeniable desire for sex that happens almost immediately you see your woman

…or if she touches you in your very hot spots

The kind of fire that makes you look at her and murmur, ‘I must have you now’.


You see, there’s more to sexual satisfaction than the little hopes ‘sex pills’ give you.


The truth is, sex pills and your doctor can’t

These are those intangibles that NO doctor or sex pill can EVER help you with

And it is these ‘intangibles’ that make sex hot and heart-pounding…and it’s what you must take care of if you desire…

…the kind of sex you crave and fantasize about.

…that kind that leaves her vagina dry because you have been pounding her non-stop for hours.

…that kind that she not only moans out loud but screams out your names, praises your strength, and begs you to please allow her to cum! …while biting and scratching your body with little whimpers like a newly disvirgin 20-year old.


…that kind that you know, only you can give when you were YOU


The kind that soaks the entire bed with sweat and leaves you two dry and hungry


The kind of sex that can wet and make her weak in the knees just by hearing your voice.



The craving for this type of sex is natural and it is what makes sex crazy and pleasurable. But here’s what happens when your cells get weak:

The hunger for this kind of sex starts to decrease.

That fire that created the excitement, the ‘surge’ that drove your need before starts to fade.

Of course, you still think about sex, but it’s not like before when with just a flash of a naked body, you stand at attention.


When your cell gets weak, the thoughts alone don’t always translate into the response your body needs for the kind of surging, obsessive, sheet-ripping sex you really dream about.

…and if you continue using sex pills that work now and stop when you need it most, you risk,

developing terminal diseases like cancer, stroke, heart disease or the ultimate leveler, death…before your time…


The introduction of these toxic materials into your body not only fights your immune system (which grows weaker as you get older) 

but also destroys your body cells and its ability to fight dangerous germs.



…that’s why the number of men who die before 50 keeps increasing by the day.

What you need to understand is that achieving any kind of sexual satisfaction is still very possible – at any age…

…and that’s because, over the years, my team and I have perfected the highly-effective and completely safe Sex-Booster System.

Our product is called ——Max Combo and it has been a life-saver for over 1,000 suffering men, husbands, and well – boyfriends that have used it…

With the intake of this ‘masterpiece’, you get results as early as 1-2 days of usage and it is because:

The —-Max Combo Targets The Four Essential (yet overlooked) Elements of Sex:

  • Potency

  • Libido

  • Stamina

  • Pleasure

You see, 

Most ‘sex enhancement drugs’ just work for the first element (giving you an erection)…but without ALL FOUR components of the sexual experience


…you and your partner can NEVER fully have great sex.


But what really makes The — Max Combo different is that it rebuilds your potential for having,


The most explosive, earth-quaking sex of your life

Because you and I know, it’s not just the ‘getting it up’ part, that matters, it’s the whole experience – and —- Max was made bearing this in mind.

The —- Max Combo will quickly help you:

  • Increase sensitivity for more intense pleasure whenever you want it

  • Support your body system with better stamina and endurance…

  • Give you renewed feelings of excitement that fire up the kind of urgency and desire that make for unforgettable nights

— Max Combo simply,

helps restore excitement, urgency, and sensitivity into your brain and down to your penis.

With its 2-in-1 Unique blend of active and powerful roots:

  • Ubangala (The Warrior Root)

  • Horny Goat Weed (The African ‘Libido’ Booster)

You will never cum…unless you want to.

Don’t take my word for it?

I’ve helped over 1,000 people successfully end their quick ejaculation, poor performance, weak erection, watery, and low sperm count…

Thereby saving them face in the public and boosting their confidence level above 110% before their partners…

(All testimonials here are given with due permission from the people who bought and have used this product)

Take for instance Mr. Charslse from Bayelsa who almost lost his marriage because he could not perform and has tried a lot of ‘things’ to get the instant action he needed:

“I was not convinced at first, because I read a review where someone said it takes longer for some people to see results, but the first day I took was different. I noticed real strength, stamina and I lasted for up to 15 minutes which was like the highest I’ve ever gone in my life, (she was even surprised)and these changes have continued to increase everyday since I got my second pack”.
Mr. Charlse .0. Timipre - 08057391530

What of ‘Oloye’ Tunde Akinwatimi whose only complaint was that his wife now complains of being tired?

“The only complaint I have with this product is that it makes me desire sex even in the office these days. My wife Adeola is already complaining that I will soon embarrass her one day with what we’re doing in the office these days”.
Egbon ‘Oloye’ Tunde Akinwatimi - 08170417677

Last but not least, Papa Joseph, who when we spoke on the phone because of the fake ones he has been buying told me he wanted just to enjoy what’s left of his life with his wife.

“ Our sex was not that bad, we are retired civil servants, so we just want to enjoy what’s left of our remaining life, with the product like I told you before, I’ve noticed that with little touches here and there from her, I easily get erect. ...and can sustain it till we’re tired...not that we are that young though. Thank you so much, my child”.
Papa Joseph Emafor (sorry he didn’t permit me to release his line)

For you and for a limited time, you can get this ‘unique masterpiece’ so you take control of your sex life (family) and wife.

If you order The —- Max Combo today, you get FREE Gifts and Savings Valued at up to N50,000.


This is what you get when you order NOW:

  • The ‘Warrior Root & Horny Goat Weed’ Fiber - A special blend of the 2 most powerful herbal ingredients ever known to man:

    - The Warrior Root: The Ubangala root helps your body revert blood flow and hormonal imbalance to the very standard your body needs to stay stronger and do 10x what you need it to - including sex. This herbal ingredient does not contain any caffeine substance and the immediate strength it gives does not reflect it as one. Because it lasts longer than the average sex booster while aiding your body to perform at optimal levels.

  • The ----- Toxin Flusher

    A delicious, caffeine-free herbal ‘masterpiece’ consumed together with the ‘Warrior Root and Horny Goat Weed’ that works with your body’s chemistry to naturally kill and expel dangerous intestinal worms, their eggs, and other parasites out of your body each morning, Infused with pure and potent enhancers, our formula is the perfect combo of Panax Ginseng, L’Arginine and Saw Palmetto that promotes healthy circulation and supports holistic health.

Again you get to cheat me of my Free Special Bonus, each valued at N3,000

  • #Free Special Bonus 1. “Great Sex For Life Blueprint”

In this must-read Special Report, you’ll discover how to easily revive your stamina, vitality, and sexual power, enjoying the best sex you’ve had since your 30’s.

Inside you’ll quickly find out the common drugs killing your sex drive…why erectile dysfunction is a warning sign of one fatal disease and what to do about it.

Four herbs that are proven libido boosters…the ‘other’ organ you MUST fix in order to get rock-hard erections.

The ‘diet’ that includes tons of delicious, inexpensive food and many other Sex-Boosting Secret…

All Yours For FREE

  • #Free Special Bonus 2. “Potency: How To Be More Than the Average Man”

In this exclusive, easily downloadable Special Report. You’ll discover the ‘man-haters’ in our environment that are slowly making you a woman…and ways to fight them.

Find out the gender-bending toxins that are robbing you of your manhood

…simple steps to flush estrogen from your body

…8 testosterone boosting foods and nature’s prostate boosters for renewed sex drive and more…

  • #Special Bonus 3. “The 365-Day Sex Handbook”

Don’t just kill yourself with missionary style or doggy.

In this exclusive report, you’ll discover enough sex positions that will you both experimenting for life.

  • #Special Bonus 4. “The God-Forsaken Sex Bible”

Do you really know how to pleasure her with your tongue and hand?

In this guide, you will discover the hidden secrets of making a woman scream with just your bare hands, tongue, and voice… Yours For FREE.

To sweeten the deal, each order comes with another “#Hidden Extra Special Bonus”.


Plus FREE Delivery wherever you are in Nigeria and Ghana

Now here’s the deal, It costs just about N250,000 – N500,000 to treat Erectile Dysfunction in any good hospital

Again, you will spend nothing less than N100,000 for the least effective medication to even see tangible results.

Okay, what about the emotional and mental cost of losing your wife to another man who knows how to pound…

…or waking up to find out your children are not yours because of your non-performance.



Within the next 72 hours, you can get this ‘masterpiece’ for just


Not the N100,000 I started with or the $500 my foreign customers pay for it.

No, just N—- highly discounted for you.

After which I will increase it to N50,000 and N100,000.


I have over 10,000 people reading this and I will only consider the fast action takers.

Don’t hurry, wait, and continue suffering.

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