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Special Ulcer Report:

The Shocking Truth About Why Ulcer-Management Drugs Like Antacids, Omeprazole and Famotidine Do Not Work On Your Gastric, Peptic, and Duodenal Ulcers No Matter How Long You Take It 


How Only Your Body Is The Only Cure You Ever Need 

Important Hidden Fact: No doctor will ever tell you that curing ulcers is 100% possible with the right information and body condition, but I revealed everything here and how you can even start the healing process today...

Dear Long-Time Ulcer Patient,

Let’s face it.

Ulcer is something you’ll never wish on your enemy – not even one you hate the most.

The truth is, beyond the amount of time and money you spend each day choosing what to eat and drink to avoid triggering the pains

…those early morning and evening back, stomach, and chest pains go beyond any feeling on earth.

You know this:

The hardest thing about having ulcer is not just the emotional and body torture, no, the hardest part is having no one who understands exactly how you feel.

…and it is not like they don’t want to.

But then, when no one knows how:

You find it very difficult eating your favorite food and drinking your favorite drink again even though you really want to.. 

When no one knows how embarrassingly uncomfortable it is for you to always fart beyond your control

When no one knows how you belch up and down with that difficult tight-chest feeling of thinking you ate something that did not digest well.

When no one believes you are always thinking that there is something stuck in your throat and upper chest with the heavy breathing after eating beans or taking caffeine and there is nothing you can do to get it out

Again, when no one can tell how those sharp pains at your back, stomach and chest almost turn you into a mad person.

When no one sees the hidden tears, frustration, depression and the thousands of naira you spend every month trying to heal yourself without any permanent solution.

…it can really be tiring

But see…

I want to let you know that I am very proud of you.

Not because you allowed doctors to deceive you with the ‘there is no permanent cure nonsense’.

You should know by now that a ‘cured patient is a lost patient’- and that is their only office.

I am proud of you because you have fought so hard to live again.

You have continuously looked your enemies who wish you death in the eye and told them not today.

Even in the face of trying times, you have continued to look for solutions to this because you believe that there is one.

You might not know this, but ulcer is actually one of the leading causes of early death in adults.

And even at that, ulcer is actually the easiest to cure – if you know how to.

Let me tell you. 

…apart from the fact that you lose very vital nutrients in your body by avoiding ‘certain foods’ that trigger those heart and chest pains for you

The need to also maintain eating the same food (some of which you are tired of already), take the same routine drugs that make you feel so uncomfortable

…and spending a lot of money doing so can be really draining.

(Not to talk of living in Nigeria with her daily madness and sad stories)

You see, what you might not understand when you buy ‘certain’ herbs is this:

There are ones that are very dangerous to your health and there are ones that are not.

There are ones that can heal you instantly and there are ones that can not.

But the problem is how do you determine which is good and which is not?

I’ll answer this shortly but first,

…have you ever imagined how comfortable  your life would be without any ulcer pains again

…without ever having to rely on drugs or even food to live your life again?

Take a moment and think about it

Be honest with yourself, do you truly desire any of this?

To end that constant fear that one day you might wake up and see that you are in the hospital

To get back to being the ‘real’ you that hardly runs away from better knacking

To end the constant pain that you can not seem to explain how they come about

To get healing once and for all so that you can channel that money into buying a new car or finishing that house

To never have to worry about visiting any hospital where they only want you to run tests, buy this and avoid this.

Think about this:

Just imagine that you can now drink, smoke, and eat anything that you want without worrying 

Imagine that you are no longer afraid of being rushed to the hospital due to ulcer attacks that you can’t control.

Imagine that you are at that point where you no longer worry yourself with buying any antacid, you can easily wake up, dress up and do whatever you want without fear

Think of yourself being you again.

The woman or man that is not afraid to explore and enjoy life not that fragile and unhappy person that having ulcer have turned you into

While you are on it

I want to explain why you have ulcer and why it can’t go away no matter what you do or take in a very simple way (you can call our consultant if you don’t understand)

Ulcer is an internal wound in and around your small intestine

They are usually caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria, acid reflux and some (NSAIDs) drugs that can be traced to one or two of these factors:

You see, what these things do is break down your system’s (stomach) defense against the acid it produces to digest food thereby allowing the stomach lining to be torn.

Now, acids are responsible for 90% of the digestion of food in your body and when these acids become too much they make it hard for your body to heal.

…which further increases the tear in and around your small intestines.

This explains why you can’t easily digest food that has acid like orange, food that have protein like beans, drinks that have a yeast-like beer, and other things

With the toxic buildup of this unused acid in your body and the bacteria that are not doing any job again in your body, you’ll always experience sharp pains that are very uncomfortable when they shoot up in the blood

You’ll always belch without control, always feel tired because of losing ‘nutrients’ you need, you’ll always fart because acids are looking for a way out of your body


If these conditions stay in your body for long without better treatment

You’ll run this risk of having an ulcer burst or developing stomach ulcer – which can lead to death

You’ll likely find it difficult lasting in bed when needed.

You’ll have sleepless nights and early morning headaches and a lot of other health complications – that can be avoided.

Before you fear and lose hope I want to show you why the ‘other’ things you buy and use don’t work


…since ulcer is an internal wound the method of treatment is very different from every other thing you have done.

So when they tell you that by taking this under 21 days you will get permanent they fail in the two key healing processes that is needed:

First, they fail to tell you about the need for you to expel excess H. pylori bacteria in your body


They fail to explain that you need to balance the acid reflux in your body and gain the needed ‘nutrients’ your body needs to heal on its own.

The thing is, there is no cure for ulcers yet.

The only cure is your body.


…and if you can expel these bacteria, balance your acid levels and then provide nutrients that it needs, it’ll heal fast – and on its own.


Don’t let anyone ask you to buy anything if they can’t explain these two factors.


It has been why I have recorded over 1,000 ulcer-reversal cases with my patients

You see, there are 3-5 important herbs that you need to crush ulcer completely in less than 30-90 days (depending on how long you have had it)

…and we have spent over 10 years and millions perfecting this system in my Deep Ulcer Relief

…and we have spent over 10 years and millions perfecting this system in my

Deep Ulcer Relief

It is deep because;

…the best thing about this unique compact is that it takes just about 5-12 days depending on your level of exposure to the H.Pylori bacteria to start experiencing ‘deep and quick relief’

But the regular intake for up to a month will ensure complete healing.


You’ll finally end the struggle you have with worrying about what you might do or not do that will trigger the terminal consequences

Of Developing Stomach Cancer – the Silent Killer

With the ‘Deep Ulcer Relief’, you will have your life back again

You will eat, drink and smoke whenever you want without worries

You’ll end the late-night cries you face all the time. 

You’ll end spending thousands every month and shame your enemies who wish you to kpaii like that

My Deep Ulcer Relief system is simple and easy to use

Just a shot taken 2 hours before meal morning and night is all takes to permanently put an end to your ulcer problems

Here’s what you’ll get when you order my ‘Deep Ulcer Relief Today’

A complete, tasteless and easy to use 30-Day Formula for quick, fast and safe internal ulcer relief

This system includes my 3-in-1 specially formulated component that works in harmony with your body cells to achieve rapid results.

Ficus Capensis 

Cymbogopan Citratus

Elaies Guineensis

And the combination of the tissue repairing agent

Momordica boivinii

These pairs combined together in the ‘safely’ hidden clinical formulation give you faster relief from ulcers.

The Porn Star Secrets to Blow Job and Head

Trust me, there are nerve cells hidden in your body that you are yet to discover.

Sometimes, you don’t need to climb before you can even cum.

Just by touching the right places is enough to get any man or woman tied to you and only you body and soul.

You will find all of this inside…

I am sure you will like what I am giving you and that’s why I am willing to give you 

 Access to my support group for 30 days

To help you monitor and stay consistent with your treatment.

My Team and I ’ll personally follow you up if you use it today and not use it again.

I won’t want you to waste my time and your money too.

Now to make this even better, you are covered by 

The Boldest Guarantee Ever

Try it for just 14 days and if it doesn’t change anything, keep the bottle and other gifts

Call my company lawyer here and reclaim your money.

Name: Barr. Mrs. Nora Austin 

Phone Number: 08035450788


It’ll take just N29,000 or N48,500 or N72,500 to get either the Regular or Silver Plan or The Gold Treatment plan of this miracle in a bottle.


Select Your Treatment Plan Below…


BUY 2 (SAVE 29%)



Normal PRICE = N36,000

SAVE = N6,300


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Normal PRICE = N108,000

SAVE = N35,500


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There is no catch here.

The choice is entirely yours to make.

Whether to continue wasting money every month going from hospital to hospital…avoiding the foods that you like…losing weight and vital nutrients needed in your body…

The choice is entirely yours to make between N79 * 365 days which is what it takes you to avoid the pain you are feeling or to still live with it.

The choice is yours. 

Finally, Time Is Of The Essence Here

I don’t know if you’ll find this page the next time you return here

If I still have it left or not.

Whosoever is ready now, gets it first.

That’s how I work.

I trust you’ll make the decision that favors you.

Be safe.


Dr. Grace Abbey

Research Lead. NHC LLC

Ulcer Research Institute

If you have further questions, please reach out to my assistant here ……



How sure are you that the product works?

100% Sure! And that is the more reason we don’t just sell to you and let you go, but we have a free support group where our team of health experts follows you up as you heal.


How many bottles do I need for me to be free from Ulcer?

Since we may not be able to ascertain how long you’ve had this Ulcer as well as your body metabolic rate, we advise you go for the SILVER PLAN at least.

But then, some persons have taken just two bottles and got total cure, while some others have taken 6 bottles before they got cured.

But one thing is certain that when you start with even the least plan, you are going to notice tremendous results.


Are there people who have used this product and got healed?

The truth is we have lots of them and if we weren’t sure of our herbs, we may not even have the boldness to create a support group.

We just want you to come and see the testimonies of others and join them in testifying too.


Why a bit expensive?

Yes, our herbs and fruits are manufactured locally, but when they are not in season we will be left with no choice but to resort to importing.

And the cost of importation alone is to the moon. But still, we try to maintain the quality of the product rather than the quantity.


Does it have any side effects?

No it doesn’t. Even a pregnant woman can take it as it is made of pure natural extracts.


Why should I buy from you?

In Life you’re entitled to make your choices, likewise choosing to buy from us. But then, if you have to choose between managing your ulcer or getting rid of it entirely which our product offers; what will be your choice? Just be honest and choose wisely.


Okay, How can I get it in my house /Office?

All you have to do is to fill the form above and choose your plan. The Company Delivery Team shall bring it right to your doorstep. And delivery is free Nationwide.


How do I take this product when I get it?

All you need is to take 2 shots (30mils) every morning and evening (two hours before meal) and leave the rest for the deep Ulcer Relief. You’ll still find it on the pack.


How long will I be on the support group?

Within the period of your healing. You’ll have us call and monitor you always until you’re fine.



I just bought 3 bottles, and I can no longer feel the heart burns again. It worked for me.

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