5 Foods To Never Eat When You Have Diabetes.


Although fruit juice is often considered a healthy beverage, its effects on blood sugar are similar to those of sodas and other sugary drinks.

This goes for unsweetened 100% fruit juice, as well as types that contain added sugar. 

In some cases, fruit juice is even higher in sugar and carbs than soda

A much better alternative is to enjoy water with a wedge of lemon which provides less than 1 gram of carbs and is virtually calorie-free.

2. Honey

People with diabetes often try to minimize their intake of white table sugar, However, other forms of sugar can also cause blood sugar spikes. 

These includes: brown sugar and “natural” sugars such as honey, agave nectar, and maple syrup.

Although these sweeteners aren’t highly processed, they contain at least as many carbs as white sugar. In fact, most contain even more.

As you’ll see, a recent study shows that, 

People with pre-diabetes experienced similar increases in blood sugar regardless of whether they consumed 1.7 ounces (50 grams) of white sugar or honey.

Your best strategy is to avoid all forms of sugar and use natural low-carb sweeteners instead.


Fruit is a great source of several important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium.

When fruit is dried, the process results in a loss of water that leads to even higher concentrations of these nutrients.

Unfortunately, its sugar content becomes more concentrated as well.

If you have diabetes, you don’t have to give up fruit altogether. 

Sticking to low-sugar fruits, such as fresh berries or a small apple can provide health benefits while keeping your blood sugar in the target range.

Note : Dried fruits become more concentrated in sugar and may contain more than four times as many carbs as fresh fruits do. 

Avoid dried fruit and choose fruits low in sugar for optimal blood sugar control.


Plain yogurt can be a good option for people with diabetes. However, fruit-flavored varieties are a very different story.

Flavored yogurts are typically made from nonfat or low fat milk and loaded with carbs and sugar.

In fact, a 1-cup (245-gram) serving of fruit-flavored yogurt may contain…almost 31 grams of sugar, meaning nearly 61% of its calories come from sugar.

Many people consider frozen yogurt to be a healthy alternative to ice cream. 

However, it can contain just as much or even more sugar than ice cream.

Rather than choosing high sugar yogurts that can spike your blood sugar and insulin, opt for plain, whole milk yogurt that contains no sugar…

…and maybe beneficial for your appetite, weight control, and gut health.


French fries are a food you may want to steer clear of, especially if you have diabetes.

Potatoes themselves are relatively high in carbs. 

One medium potato contains 34.8 grams of carbs, 2.4 of which come from fiber.

However, once they’ve been peeled and fried in vegetable oil, potatoes may do more than spiking your blood sugar.

Deep-frying foods has been shown to produce high amounts of toxic compounds, such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and aldehydes. 

If you don’t want to avoid potatoes altogether, eating a small serving of sweet potatoes is your best option.

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