Unusual Diabetes Health Risk Report Reveals:

Reasons Why The Last Diabetes Product Didn’t Work For You


Why It Is Necessary To Trigger Your ‘Natural DNA Healing Process’ Every Day For Just 90 Days If You Truly Want To Quickly and Completely  Reverse Your Type II Diabetes While Drinking, Doing and Eating What You Want Without Wasting Any More Money on Garbage All in The Name of Cure

Plus: The Real Reason Why Late Prof. Dora Akunyili Was ‘Poisoned’ To Death While Trying To Reveal The Dark Dangers Behind Insulin Injections

You might not know this, but Late Prof Dora Akunyili before ‘they’ poisoned her to death fought hard to make sure you knew the underlying dangers of insulin shots.


Her decision to serve in the then President Olusegun Obasanjo’s NAFDAC was not because of money or status but because of her hatred for insulin injections.

This is so because she had lost her sister to ‘fake insulin injection’ for diabetes.

(this information is online in case you want to verify it)

( This Information is online in case you want to verify it.)

…and if you have lost someone because of a mistake that could have easily been avoided, you’d understand the pain that comes with it. 

Dear friend,

What I am about to share with you in the next few minutes might not sit well with you

even though it holds perhaps the greatest kept secret in your fight against type 2 diabetes.

Truth is…it’s something you already know but might find very difficult to believe.

And, I don’t blame you.

You see:

The government hardly knows that with insulin injections, (the type they collect bribes to allow in here) the average Nigerian with diabetes has just a life that hardly crosses 65.

You see, after every insulin shot, you feel a faster heart rate, tingling sensations in your hands feet, lips, or tongue, dizziness, shakiness and trouble concentrating.

You can’t maintain a regular sex life which is frustrating no matter the medications or prescriptions you get from anywhere.

You also feel burning, unbearable pain on your feet or complete loss of sensation to them even after some quack had assured all is well.

You get angry and frustrated easily nowadays even when you know that before ‘diabetes’ you weren’t such a person.

And how these signs are pointers to the fact that you are already running a race of saving your life backward at a very alarming speed.

while most people might consider what you are going through as a curse or punishment.

We don’t.

To us, you are just going through a phase caused by your genetic (DNA) makeup or some lifestyle that you can hardly explain.

To me, you are not a PATIENT that should be looked at with pity, you are simply a person living with diabetes.

…and you should be loved, respected, and accorded the same respect and opportunity as anyone.

The fact is, there is more incompetence in the government and the Nigerian health Sector than in any field today.

…It is the reason why nearly 70% of diagnosed patients with type diabetes end up dying from:

Stroke, Cancer and Kidney Failure

It is the single reason why nearly 90% of type 2 diabetes patients get addicted to injections and would stick to it till death no matter what hospital they visit in and outside of Nigeria

…and rightly so you know this as much as we do.

And while it may be difficult to accept that you are on your own…that you are your own savior

This is still the only message that can save you and give you your life back…If that is what you truly desire!

But before I let you on this secret that has the absolute potential to 

Change how you see yourself as a Person with diabetes, determine if you will live longer to see your grandkids, end your fight with addictive finger piercings, and unnecessary hunger fasts.

I want to establish a Hard Cold Truth that you can either accept and continue reading

…or hate and leave to continue the same thing that has gotten you nowhere so far.

First, No drug can just out of the blue cure diabetes-  at least for now, so stop believing all the hogwash drug sellers are giving you- trust me, they’re seriously damaging the affected organs diabetes has left for you.

Diabetes can only be beaten into remission (i.e to be in tune with your body) (but carefully)- without insulin…expensive drugs and unnecessary meal plans

And finally, to beat diabetes into remission- you need to first establish the case (of your own cause)…which is where most drugs and people fail.

You may not understand this yet, but the truth is …Most people may not know this but living with diabetes is hard.

I am not talking about the daily reminder that a little mistake can get your sugar levels racing through the roof…

Which can lead to stroke… organ failure…or in worst cases death.

I am not talking about how your life has slowly stopped right before your eyes…because you must now be careful with what you eat, drink and do.

See, diabetes is not something you pray for anyone, not even your ‘worst’ enemy to suffer

Because apart from the huge amount you spend every month surviving 

With those frequent hospital visits

…there’s still that problem of leaving a genetic link for generations coming after you to suffer the same.

This is why it is annoying when ‘most Heartless’ drug sellers promise you heaven and earth in less than 30 days.

…without first understanding your ‘gene-link, your habits, and direct expositions.

Quite disheartening!

I am not talking about the sacrifices you have to make daily just to see another day


It is hard knowing your loved ones are worried sick even though they might not show it…because taking care of you is a burden on their mental and financial health.

It is hard eating the same stale food, taking the same obnoxious routine drugs, and always testing for blood…which your body, soul, and spirit are damn tired of.

It is hard knowing that you can’t sustain an erection anymore and that even when you do, you don’t really enjoy it as much and it scare you to overdo it so your blood pressure…doesn’t shout at you.


Living with diabetes could be difficult.

Because no one sees the tears you shed behind those closed doors…

No one can truly understand the pain you feel when your wounds take ages to heal…when you think that if you are not careful it can be cut off

No one knows how terrible you feel when your partner sighs at your dreadful performance or how you can’t get to finish that project because of how much it is taking you to just preserve your life

No one understands why you are losing weight – fast, why you are having blurred vision, why you are losing hairs on your body, the unquenchable thirst, and the frequent urination

Almost no one, Except You!

You see, over the course of my over 18 years as a medical doctor with degrees and licenses in alternative medicine

I’ve always advised my clients in the UK, the US, India and here in Nigeria to always think about this:

If there were no drugs today, how would you have treated diabetes?

And as simple as this question is, 

therein lies the answer to how you beat diabetes to remission…in a considerable amount of time…with less energy and resources too

…and you’ll see how this is possible in the coming paragraphs.

But first, while this gives you an accurate perspective of how diabetes works.

It is very important to establish this:

Your body is truly the temple…that holds your healing.

It is not outside it…nor elsewhere as you may have been led to believe.

Let me explain:

God in His wisdom endowed the human body with active bodies that help us fight internal and external bodies that are foreign to it.

This explains why:

Most of the heavy headaches you have in the mornings or after stressing your body disappear immediately you take a 20-45 minutes rest.

Now the basic question is if your body has the capacity to heal, why do ‘drug sellers’ insist on having you depend on insulin?

Is there anyone gaining from your addiction to these shots?

Is there something that’s better that they would not want you to know?

You see, diabetes as a disease is the failure of the body to use the insulin produced by the pancreas.

Now, insulin is the substance that makes it possible for the body to make use of sugar – glucose which is the end-product of carbohydrate digestion in your system.

The thing is, in the absence of glucose in the body.

The diabetic is then starved of sugar no matter how much he takes in, and the excess sugar in the blood (not being used now) acts as a poison

 …which in extreme cases, leads to malfunction of the cells which support nearly all the functions in the organs.

While it is confusing to understand why this happens.

Considerable evidence from studies conducted at the Pears Encyclopedia of Diabetes Control Journal, reveals how to use the body’s natural defense system to beat diabetes into remission.

Since the problem is in the inability of the pancreas to use sugar and power the body.

By implication, it means that there must be something wrong – which the body can correct with the right information.

Fact is: Every human has a set of DNA codes that instruct our immune systems to get to work when there is a problem in the body.

…and these codes respond only when they are triggered.

But the problem is with every insulin shot you take they are further impaired…and this is done deliberately to:

To keep you dependent on shots for as long as you live

To tune your DNA out of sync to depend on error readings from these shots…so you’ll need them all the time.

This study is supported by the 17th-century military experiment conducted by the Nazi doctor who wanted to create hybrids of men from weaker genetic codes

Come to think of it, have you wondered why all of a sudden your wounds now take time to heal?

Why do you always feel confused after each insulin shot?

Think for a moment and while you are at it.

I want to assure you that this is not a direct attack on the use of insulin injections 

…but rather on the few people who had to shut down Prof Dora and the many others who knew that Nigerian businessmen were killing innocent people.

While you may be in shock, I want to quickly assure you that you can beat diabetes into remission (carefully).

But to do that you need to understand that first, your ‘Genetic Codes’ needs to be reprogrammed to receive signals from your body that there is a problem

And secondly, your body needs to safely expel all the accumulated sugar in your body without causing more damages to your damaged organs.

With these two in check, you’ll see that in no time, your body will normalize sugar production, use it effectively and dispose off the rest.

…which is the only way you can get your body to beat diabetes into remission on its own

Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand these steps…how to make sure they are in sync with your body to avoid toxic inflow during treatment which can be very dangerous.

…and the few that do know how to are either dead or have been bribed to keep quiet.

The simple reason is, there are people benefiting from your one-day-at-a-time death.

But you can beat them at their own game if only you are ready to.

See, I can assure you that you can take your life back today and determine exactly how you want to live it till- when God says it’s time.

You need to know that:

You can wake up in the morning, run inside your kitchen, and eat whatever you want without that crazy warning that comes to your head all the time.

It is possible to:

Make love to your spouse without losing interest because you know that there is strength again.

Enjoy your life again and end the constant worry and life

Live to see your children’s children, end the financial burden and desires of your enemies to see you die. filled with depressive thoughts.

Only IF:

You are ready.

Remember, this is your journey…alone…

But you don’t have to travel that road alone.

I say this because just like you I’ve helped over 1,000 people here, in Nigeria, Ghana, India, the UK, and in the USA through the power of ‘Nature’ to effectively beat diabetes to remission.

And here in Nigeria, we currently boost the largest support community in Africa where at regular intervals we host the Crush Your Sugar Challenge with over 1000 active participants getting massive results

We also offer a Free One Month Intensive Support, where we show you the real lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to starve because you are diabetic.

But will help you get off metformin, insulin and even Glucophage in the long run.

But before we go any further…

…think about this:

Imagine that you are at that place where you no longer have to take daily insulin injections…ever

Pierce your skin for daily sugar tests.

Eat your favorite food without any worries

Just imagine…

Never having to worry about spending over N100,000 just to manage your condition again.

Think of how happy you will finally be to have your life back and shaming the people already praying for your death.

Imagine saving your family the stress, financial burden and pain of taking care of you once and for all.

Just think about being YOU again…finally.

That’s what I am offering you.

Come to think of it:

Ever since you started going to the hospital every month to:

—Collect those expensive, routine, and bitter drugs that help you ‘manage’ diabetes

Run multiple blood sugar tests daily that drain your energy and increase your risk of obesity followed with constant skin piercing

And those ‘same’ routine and stale food you eat

How many people have you seen walk out of the hospital happy without ever coming back…with their complete life back?

How many have you seen happy without those hidden and silent tears ever again…are you even happy?

Take a minute and answer that question 

And while you are at it, I want to tell you that reversing type II diabetes is possible with the right information.

You see, why ‘most’ of the things you have been using does not work is this:

Taking care of the chemical imbalances in your body caused by too much-unused glucose in your body is the first step to take.


…you can’t just force the body with millions of complicated systems to start healing immediately.

You need to first,

…break down these molecules.

Safely expel them from your body and then through ‘a codification in your DNA’ trick your body to start producing and utilizing insulin properly.


Most people understand chemical imbalances that affect your pancreas in producing insulin.

But not many know how to trick your ‘biological system’ to start producing and using insulin again.

Not many understand the ‘core’ nutrients, the number and schemes on how to even do this.

That is why:

You often don’t get a lasting solution even after spending hundreds of thousands on medications.

Reversing diabetes can be difficult but not hard.

It can be hard if you still rely on old processes like 

Routine drugs, food, and exercise

See, I can assure that you can take your life back today and determine exactly how you want to live it till when God says it’s time.

You need to know that:

You can wake up in the morning, run inside your kitchen and eat whatever you want without that crazy warning that comes to your head all the time.

In fact, most insulin injections you use expose you to severe hypoglycemia – a condition that is very dangerous for your body and your diabetic condition.

Again, it is not from the ‘other herbal mixtures’ you see, buy and use that barely scratch the surface of why your body is not producing enough sugar.

You see:

Diabetes is NOT CAUSED  by a lack of glucose as your doctor has made you believe.

Let me explain:

It is actually caused by your body’s lack of strength to use it.

Is this clear?


Diabetes is primarily a metabolic disorder that causes sugar in the form of glucose to accumulate in your blood rather than being used as a fuel by your cells.

The thing is, when you eat, food is broken down by your digestive system

…into nutrients molecules that are then absorbed for use in your body.

Most of the foods you eat contain carbohydrates and sugars which are broken down into glucose.

And this glucose is a very important source of fuel for many of the organs that support your body to:

  • See
  • Work
  • Study
  • Have SEX


But then, for the body to use this glucose, it must first enter your cell as glucose molecules.

And it needs help to do this.

…which is actually where the main problem is.

You see, for this glucose to enter into your cells, the body through the pancreas produces insulin which helps transport the glucose to the body by breaking it apart from your blood.

Reason is this:

God created what is known as the antibodies to fight any ‘foreign material’ wishing to enter your body without permission.

These antibodies fight germs, sperm, and even glucose from functioning properly as it does not understand it’s left from right.

Hint:: If you have ever wondered why out of millions of sperms that you release or that enters your body as a woman, it is only ONE that does the job, antibodies are responsible.


…in Type II diabetes your cells find it DIFFICULT to receive this glucose thereby weakening the cells and causing an overflow of glucose in your blood.

Remember, glucose is the fuel that powers your body.

Again, due to the fight going on between the antibodies and your body, the pancreas slows in producing enough insulin needed by your body.

Thereby raising the level of chemical imbalances related to high levels of blood glucose in your system.

Which is why you notice:

Frequent urination that make you super uncomfortable most of the time.

Excessive thirst that creates the feeling of needing to drink water all the time

Frequent weakness of the body and mind to do the things that were very easy for you to do in the past

Drowsiness and blurred vision that make life harder for you

Stomach pains that seem like they never want to end


What you might not know is this:

Using insulin injections as your only source for diabetes control as revealed by the Diabetes Voice Organisation leaves your body vulnerable to:


And subsequently death through: Stroke or Cancer.


It does not matter the stage you are in, you can do this.

You can avoid that stroke and cancer that follow excessive use of insulin injection.

You can be happy again and save your loved ones the burden, agony and stress of financing your life.

You can eat whatever you want, gain good weight and look appealing just like you were in the morning.

You can enjoy sex like a normal person again.

You can.

And this is possible through my ‘Extreme ‘DNA’ Reversal Diabetes System’ I developed as an ‘Alternative Health Medical Doctor’ in India and here in Nigeria.


It is your duty to unlink your ‘DNA’ from diabetes so that generation after you won’t suffer it again.

Diabetes is not something to even wish on your enemy.

You already know this.

If you want to end your constant appointment with stroke and increased risk of heart failure and cancer

If you really love your family and would want to end the constant wasting of money and time 


The DMEL Diabetes Retune Package’ is what you need within the next 3 months to get back together.

I’ll walk and work with you daily till we achieve this together.

That is my promise.

I want you to stop crying…I want you to start livinghappilyagain.


Before you get on this journey with me I want to explain a few things

We developed the ‘DMEL TEA’ to:

Nothing is ever hidden.

My complete DNA’ DMEL tea is made up of herbs that are known but can mostly be found in India.

However, We’ve spent millions, time and sweat in knowing the right amount you need, how and when you need it.

So…you don’t overdose.

Yes, you can overdose on natural healers and risk other health issues you’ll likely live with the rest of your life…depending on how long it is.

With my DMEL Diabetes Reversal Solution, you do not have to follow a special diet or fast. 

You don’t have to be near a doctor or pierce your skin for any reason.

…my system is simple and easy to use.

The system includes a specially formulated component that works in harmony with your body to achieve rapid results.

Just a 1 tea bag (3 shoots) of the Ultimate DMEL Diabetes Reversal Solution taken twice a day…for 90 days is all it takes..to change your diabetic status.

These special blend of minerals, herbs and vitamins apart from helping you permanently reverse your condition equally:

While giving you a boost for the best sex you have had in a long time.

If you order today, you will get:

A Full Time Free 3 Months Subscription to Our Exclusive Premium Support

The Truth is, you need more than getting the product to crush your sugar level on a long term bases. You need the wealth of expertise within our arsenal to help you on this journey. And we’re never going to allow you walk alone on this important journey.

The Ultimate Food Expo For People Living With Diabetes

A masterfully crafted guide that teaches godly and tasteful recipes you can start enjoying today. These foods help you get better quicker – very healthy and not routine.

The truth is, Our exclusive private patient pays N20,000 Per month To get access to this group.

Because This is where our medical Team shall give you the best possible assistance ever…From;

Answering Your queries… to

Following Your Healing Process…

And ensure you are not left alone to figure it out within the period you are taking Our DMEL  Reversal Kit. They go to the length of calling you to check on you regularly. 

So Once You place Your order now…

and we get the Package delivered to you.

One of the health expert will call you up and add you to the exclusive group for an intensive support 


…You get to enjoy my

Extraordinary “Money-Back Guarantee”

I am so sure you will love the DMEL ultimate diabetes solution, that’s why your money will be with us for up to 6 months.

…that way, you will have plenty of time to examine the DMEL ultimate diabetes solution, and discover for yourself how wonderful it is.

If you are dissatisfied, you can return the unused portion to us within 30-days and have your FULL refund + you get to keep the other FREE items.

…no hard feelings and no stories.

Now compare for a minute what I am giving you to the amount of money you have spent already…

You see, for just a one-time investment of:

N38,500 you can start on the first treatment (normal) package

N58,000 for the standard package

N78,500,000 for the Premium Package.

N98,500 for the Ultimate Package

Now, there is no difference between these plans.

The only difference is that you need at least 3 months to reverse your condition permanently.

However, you can start with any plan and spread the rest (at least by which time you must have seen the effect and how fast your blood sugar would go down)

All you have to do is click on the button below and follow the easy instructions.

To your best life, my friend.


Dr. Linda Grace

Chief Research Advisor, NH Consult

UK, India, Nigeria.


Select Your Treatment Plan Below…


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Please, DO NOT  Place An Order For This PRODUCT  If You Don’t Have The following below:

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We spend a lot of resources (time, money and energy)  to ship these items to different Locations all round Nigeria and a lot of people would place an order And refuse to collect once It arrives their locations, causing us over  million in losses monthly.

So we are pleading with YOU NOW, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER for this product if you will be traveling soon or you don’t have the cash ready to receive the product right now.

Please we beg you in the name of GOD/ALLAH, if you don’t respect us then you must Respect God your creator.

But if you are ready to get it Today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the item durable?

Answer: Yes. The DMEL Retune System contains active curative agents that help your ‘DNA’ to continue regulating, producing, and sustaining your body’s need for glucose.

Question: Is this item easy to use?

Answer: It is highly easy to use, does not have any side effects, and would not irritate your metabolism.

However, when using it, you’ll have to discontinue any other diabetes treatment and it is not suitable for pregnant women

Question: What If It Does Not Work

Answer: You get a refund

Question: Isn’t It Too Expensive?

Answer: Aside from high cost of production we encounter, We are very much considerate on our pricing. We have staff on our payroll too working tooth and nail everyday to ensure lives are saved. they deserved to be paid a token too.


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