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The Number One Formula Not Many People Knows That  SHOWS How To Get Rid Of Any Type Of Arthritis...

("Even if you have tried literally everything out there")


Attention Arthritis Sufferers!

As you can see, I have attached a real, live Nigerian Kobo to the top of this letter. Why have I done this? Actually there are two reasons:

  • I have something very important to tell you and I needed some way to make sure this letter would catch your attention. 
  • And secondly, since what I'm writing about can save you money (a lot of money) I thought using a penny as a little "eye-catcher" was a good idea. 

Anyway, here is what it's all about: In the next few days, I am (with your permission) going to send you a pack of Never- seen before supplement I named;

“the Arthritics Reversal Combo”

Imagine You’ve suffered the “give-and-take” of arthritis… and it’s been a bit onesided.

Day in and day out, arthritis gives you intense muscle pain… stiffness… chronic fatigue… tender and swollen joints… inflammation. Yet it takes your independence, self-respect and dignity.

You anguish over your inability to do simple tasks others take for granted. Now, it hurts to get out of bed… pick up the phone… fold the clothes… hold your tooth brush… or turn the pages of your favorite book!

Your arthritis is a constant reminder of a life turned upside down. And, it can seem overwhelming at times. For some, you may be without a doctor. Or worse, your doctor knows little about your arthritis, and how to help.

But That’s About to Change!

 Just take a moment and imagine all the pains in your joints vanishing right now....

Like a magic wand was waived, you'd be able to jump on your feet, kick the football like a kid..... 

Just imagine how that would make you feel..... 

What if I give you a permanent solution to those EARTH-QUAKING pains and make all your wishes and imaginations come true?

Would you be happy that you wouldn't have to suffer  the pains that accompanies every pinch of arthritis stiffness again even at the slight completion of your drugs?

Okay, I know this sounds really impossible ....
Very impossible because you had a dose of drugs that promises heaven and end up doing nothing?

But you know what?

That’s About to Change!

All you need is a simple little pill the drug companies don't want you to know about. You can get it without a prescription, it doesn't have any side effects whatsoever... and... research tests prove it is (by far) the most potent treatment in the world for totally Reversing Arthritics!

I'll tell you more about this remarkable discovery in a minute. But first, I want to tell you a secret about myself.

My name is Linda Chikaodi. I am a certified Nutritionist-Dietitian. In fact, I'm certified to practice Nutrition in Nigeria. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Imo State University. Not only that, since 2017, I've been the chief Executive officer of LindaNutriHealth Consult. I could tell you all about my other diplomas and certificates but, I'm not going to bother.

You see, here is my secret.

I have never advised my Patient

To take drugs in my life!

How to get rid of arthritics Naturally


The answer is very simple: I learnt from a research that in the united states alone, over 100,000 persons die every year…because of the drugs their doctors prescribe for them!.

Plus, many prescription drugs do more harm than good... and... most of the time, there are natural remedies which are much cheaper, have no side effects, and work ten times better. That's a funny thing to hear from a lady who spent a small fortune and years of her life to in the medical field, isn't it?

I just can't help it: I just can't tell  a patient to go for drugs (even though a Medical .Director. authorized it) a drug I know is not good for someone... especially when there are so many better alternatives.

Let me give you an example:

If you're over 40, you've probably experienced minor heartbreaking pains that sometimes restricts your free movement.. If you're over 50, it’s obvious it might have gotten to the point where you're a Now fully worried about it because the pains are becoming unbearable.

Well,You don’t need a drug to cure arthritics. What you really need is something you can get in a health food store or supplement house that contains “anthracene, anthraquinone, anthranilic acid and cinnamic acid."

These are potent anti-inflammatory nutrients that inhibit the activity of COX-2 (cyclooxygenase) enzyme which is involved in the inflammatory pathways.

However, you must take the right kind of anthracene (it's sold under different brand names), the right amount... plus... you need to learn all about the , no-side-effect  that can virtually reverse your arthritics..

I can’t tell you everything you need to know in this letter. It would take up much of your time.

 That’s why I have eliminated the guess work for you.

The Stress of going from one store to another with the hope of getting it and end up buying an adulterated product!...

And introducing to you a product I have used personally on my grand mum and she have never felt the pains of Arthritics again in her entire life again. 


The Arthritics Reversal combo

I raised an eyebrow about this gel and supplement until I realized
that it's NAFDAC and FDA (International Standards) approved.

I had to be sure this was no fluke, so I decided to share it with other people and here is what they have to say about this powerful combo.


Emeka Jude


I bought this because I was involved in an accident few months ago that took my driver’s life and i had a neck sprain. I was unable to turn my neck for months until my sister introduced me to this Remedy pack.

In less than a month, i was able to turn my neck and sleep well. After just 2 months of consistent use, my neck is back and it's almost like i can't believe i had an skin is so fine that one would not even know i was involved in an accident.


Mrs Janet

Ejigbo, Lagos

I introduced this combo to my mum, gave her 2 packs. Surprisingly, after using one pack, she was totally free from arthritis. She was surprise how fast it worked because we had tried so many drugs in the past, visited the hospital countless times to no avail.

I'm so glad I came in contact with the Gel and Forever Move


Why Am I willing to send you this Combo…and Why am I willing to send it to you at a Dirt-cheap-price?

The answer is simply…

It’s a bribe!

It’s what I call an ethical bribe to get you to try this highly-sort-after supplement for reversing and getting free of Arthritics.

Here is what is likely to happen.

You will get well, free from those earth-quaking pains, intense muscle pain… stiffness… chronic fatigue… tender and swollen joints.  You will end up using your word of testimony to market our product for us. Then we will end up making more money as they will pay for the full price.

That’s why it is an ethical bribe.

But here is the deal.

If you hit the order buttom and fill the form to place an order NOW, I will send you the supplement in the next 1- 3 days from now…and I will send it to you on this quick-dirty bonus price of 44,750! 

To Further sweeten this deal for Fast action takers... For the first 20 persons to place an order

You will be getting a direct 1 hour FREE consultation from me. Not from my team. Or an automated call.

My 1 hour consultation Cost N14,700 But you will get it for ENTIRELY Free. If you place your order before the timers hits Zero.


The Arthritics Reversal Combo  is a  very scarce supplement.

As a matter of fact, we only have 89 bottles left in our store right now.

N.B: about one thousand women and Men are reading this now just like you.

Get this full combination of the  Arthritics Reversal Combo  by filling  the order form below:



The Arthritis Reversal Combo Pack Consists Of:

1 Bottle of Forever Move, , 1 Bottle of Forever Aloe Vera Gel and 1 hour consultation.

=N=44,7500 ONLY


We know that the internet is full of dubious people and nobody wants to be scammed.

So, we are going to put all the risk on ourselves so that you won't have an excuse for not getting this therapy.

We will send the products to your house or office and you can pay our courier people only after you have received the product..

And book your consultation immediately. 

This is to eradicate any doubt in your mind that you will get what you are promised.



Text Your  Name, 

Phone Number,

Delivery Address

and Arthritics Reversal Combo.

To: 08117367270

Plus to make it even better.


If after 30 days you are not happy with the result which by the way is rare to come by (because you will even wished you saw it earlier than now) I will refund your money with an apology letter…

AND you still keep the supplement.

Now, is you time!

It doesn’t matter what type of arthritis you suffer from.

Just imagine yourself with your friends and family next month sitting around and laughing your hearts out together, pain free.

Think of your doctor’s jaw dropping when you do a few knee-ups as you run into his office the next time.

He’s not going to believe it.

Don’t forget to think about all the fun thing’s you’re going to do once you’re not a prisoner of arthritis and pain anymore.

Get this gel and supplement for 
as low as




Text Your  Name, 

Phone Number,

Delivery Address

and Arthritics Reversal Combo.

To: 08117367270


PLEASE Do NOT place an ORDER if you cannot be available to get the pack within 24 -72 hours (1-3 days) of placing your order.




Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of =N=40,750 instead of N44,750 into; 

Bank: FIRST Bank PLC  

Account NameIhekuna Linda Chikaodi
Account No3053523526

STEP 2: After payment, send a text message  containing Arthritics Reversal Combo, YOUR NAME, DELIVERY ADDRESS, and  PHONE NUMBER to 08117367270 

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you your 'Arthritics Reversal combo' immediately.

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