How Are These New Moms Getting So Much Time To Work, Rest/Sleep Even When They’re Nursing 2-24 month Old Babies Without Anyone’s Help…

Dear Mom,

If we’re completely being honest, nursing a baby is hard work.

It is an unpaid 24/7 job that we’re always glad to do.

But then…

Doing the work becomes difficult when you hardly have time to do other chores, or to even rest/sleep and do your job.

In which case you’ll eventually break down if care isn’t taken.

But what can we do? 

They’re our babies and we ought to take care of them 24/7 without feeling stressed out every single day (which is very unhealthy/risky)

It is very exhausting and that’s why you’re absolutely going to love this new baby bouncer.

“ Very user friendly and my little baby loves it so much! 

Perfect for when you need to get chores done around the house and need a spot to put the baby and still keep them happy and content! Worth every penny.”

Chika Odogwu


The Amazing Benefits Of The New Hot Mom Baby Bouncer For 0-18 Months Babies...

This new baby bouncer buys you some quality time while keeping your baby happily and busily engaged

All you have to do is use the remote to set the speed and after a few minutes, 

Your baby will be relaxed, engaged and even probably sleep off.

Don’t feel guilty

There’s nothing wrong with taking a rest.

Here Are a Few More Important Benefits About The New HotMom Electric Baby Bouncer That Will Excite You…

  • Amazing benefit #1:

    it Greatly Improves The Quality Of Your Baby’s Sleep (makes it super easy for your baby to fall asleep and enjoy their sleep)

    Maybe your baby is the type that sleeps throughout the day but once it is night their eyes will start shining like torchlight (lol, children though)

    And they won’t rest, sleep or stop caring for your attention,

    Which makes it practically impossible for you to get some sleep or rest at night.

    You see…

    Poor sleep or lack of it is detrimental to adults, especially new moms who are still healing from the pain associated with childbirth

    HotMoms baby bouncer is there to help you ease off your baby’s cries by gently and comfortably rocking him to sleep at any time of the day.

  • Amazing benefit #2:

    It Bounces On Its Own (This means that even when you’re not carrying your baby, your baby is still enjoying that warmth of being carried and pampered)

    The reason why your baby can’t seem to let go of your body is because of the way you rock and swing him while walking around.

    They enjoy the movements a lot and that’s why they cry so much when you lay them down.

    Thankfully, this bouncer can automatically imitate those movements you make when carrying them.

    All you have to do is set the speed for how you’d like your baby to be bounced,

    And you can quickly rest, eat, have your bath or run some errands.

  • Amazing benefit #3:

    It Operates Very Quietly So It Doesn’t Disturb Your Baby While Asleep.

    It is important for your baby to have a sound sleep without any disturbances or noise, 

    That way…

    You can achieve a whole lot with your free time.

    And this baby bouncer operates so quietly and softly, 

    You’d hardly ever know it’s turned on.

  • Amazing benefit #4:

    You Can Connect Your Phone To The Bouncer...

    This means you can connect your phone to the bouncer’s Bluetooth, 

    And conveniently play either HotMom’s songs or your preferred baby songs for your baby,

    And in the absence of your phone,

    you can also do all these with the baby bouncer’s remote, 

    All you have to do is:

    Press the necessary buttons on the remote and watch your baby happily play or dance along, 

    And eventually drift off into a peaceful sleep.

  • Amazing benefit #5:

    The Seat Is Made From a Specialized Fabric (It Is Also Flexible…

    The fabric is soft, fluffy and relaxing

    Which contributes heavily to the warmth of the seat making your baby fall asleep easily while in the bouncer. 

    Best part?

    You can even set the seat to allow your baby to rest his back and relax so he can easily fall asleep…

    Or you can set it in a way that allows him to sit up and play. 

    The choice is yours mommy.

  • Amazing benefit #6:

    You Can Set The Speed Of The Bouncer...

    When you turn on the bouncer, 

    You can set the speed according to your baby’s preference.

    And this is because…

    Some babies like the bouncer to be fast while others prefer it to be slow.

    You can simply increase the speed overtime to know the level of speed your baby enjoys most.

    The bouncing speed is very effective because, 

    The seat keeps them happy for as long as it bounces, 

    Which in turn relaxes them, makes them well rested and even put them to sleep. 

    Please note: always keep the bouncer on the floor, 

    There’s no need to keep it on a high surface.

  • Amazing benefit #7:

    The New HotMom Electric Bouncer Has a High Quality Protective Net That Keeps Your Baby Safe From Mosquitoes...

    This net is designed to protect your baby from mosquitoes, insects, dust (depending on where you might be), etc

  • Amazing benefit #8:

    You Can Remove And Wash The Seat Cover…

    The seat cover is soft and easily washable and it is washing machine friendly.

    You can also place a soft cloth or towel on the seat before putting the baby in (this can be very effective when you want your baby to sleep)

    This way,

    You don’t have to worry about the seat getting stained when your baby poops or throws up while in the bouncer.

  • Amazing Benefit #9:

    You Can Move The Bouncer To Any Corner Of The House That You’re In (It is lightweight and super easy to move)

    You can easily take it to the Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, balcony, etc

    But please don’t push or drag it, that's not necessary.

    All you have to do is carry it and it’s so lightweight, even a 9-year old can easily lift it.


    You shouldn’t push it with your baby in it though….

    Remember it’s a bouncer not a stroller.

    Haven said all of these…

The Biggest Benefit of having a HotMom baby bouncer is…

“More Sleep For your baby and more Free Time For you to rest a little and enjoy some quality sleep too”

“ The HotMom Electric baby bouncer was a lifesaver when my daughter was around 3-4 months. 

She would happily sit in it and entertain herself. 

I could make breakfast and fold clothes without worrying about her.”

Ngozi Ejike.



With your permission,

I’d like to send a HotMom electric baby bouncer to your doorstep at an exclusive giveaway price.

And in addition…

You’d also receive the following gifts for Free:

  • Gift #1:

    A 20,000 MAH Power-bank

    We all know how inconsistent NEPA can be with light.

    Maybe it’s when you’d need your baby to rock and roll in the bouncer that NEPA will take light.

    It is frustrating,

    Especially if your baby’s crying and you have something important to do as well.

    This power bank will come to your rescue in times like this.

    And it can last for as long as 3 days when it’s fully charged.



    You can simply use it to power the electric baby bouncer when you’re in those areas of your house that may not have electric switches.

    Places like the bathroom, balcony, etc.

  • Gift #2

    The Temperature Blanket…

    This blanket isn’t like any baby blanket you’ve seen before.

    It is new, different and a lifesaver for new moms. 

    And as you already know, 

    The temperature of babies fluctuates and is quite different from that of adults.

    And this is because…

    They’re still developing and growing. 

    Their skin is as light as a feather which is why you were advised at the hospital to always cover him up.


    He’d probably suffer from health problems related to temperature regulation.

    And that’s why this new temperature blanket is a lifesaver.

    You can cover your baby up when the sun is out and hot.

    Sunny weather can be deceptive, because you’d assume your baby’s hot and end up stripping him naked


    Instead of risking your baby’s health for a few minutes of fresh air, 

    You could cover him up with this temperature blanket and watch him sleep peacefully no matter how hot the sun is.

    It is called an Ice Pad or Temperature Blanket because, 

    It helps to regulate the weather temperature and make it suitable for your baby to sleep or play.

    You can also use it in the baby bouncer, baby cot, on the couch, in the bed, etc.

    Your baby will definitely enjoy this blanket.

  • Gift #3

    The First Steps Series Book For Babies…

    These books will help you sharpen your baby’s intelligence and thought process as early as possible…

    Even before they start to babble, crawl or walk.

    The books are so helpful, even a toddler would find them fascinating. 

    In all,

    There are 12 books in the First Steps Series and you’d be getting all for free today.

    Here’s just a glimpse of what you’d find in these 12 books:

  • 1st book: “SMILE”

    This little book teaches your baby the idea of “smiling”  and being polite/respectful to others. In it, Your baby will learn so many reasons why smiling is important.
  • 2nd Book: LISTEN

    This book teaches your baby how to pay attention to our environment, And how to Listen carefully without distractions. 
    There are 10 others like these that are value packed, You and your baby are absolutely going to love them.

So here’s a summary of everything you’re getting today:

  1. 1
    The Electric Baby Bouncer With The Net…
  2. 2
    Gift #1:The 20,000 MAH Power Bank.
  3. 3
    Gift #2: The Temperature Blanket.
  4. 4
    Gift #3: The 12 First Steps Series For Babies.
  5. 5
    Plus Free Delivery To Your Location

And like I said earlier,

I'd like to send you The New HOTMOM ELECTRIC BABY BOUNCER (alongside all the gifts I mentioned) at an exclusive giveaway price.

So how much should you happily invest in this offer?

Well, first consider the following:

On any given day, if you wanted the HotMom baby bouncer

The regular price is N250,000 (plus, you’ll pay for delivery)

You can go to any mall to confirm this yourself.

And all of these is minus the power bank, the temperature blanket and the 12 first steps series books for babies,

All of which costs nothing less than N20,000 each,

But today, 

Through this exclusive offer:

You’re paying only N185,000.

Plus you’d pay on delivery and delivery is also 100% free.

You can also pay in 3 installments of N61,700 each for the period of 2 months, after which your order will be shipped to you.

Although if you have the complete money at once…

We’ll ship it to you as soon as you place your order now and you’ll pay on delivery.

Just think of how much relief, rest, peace of mind, free time you’d enjoy knowing that…

  • You have a variety of things you can always use to put your baby to sleep,
  • Keep him occupied while you do other things
  • Or even get a quick nap.
  • Keep an eye on your baby in any corner of the house (thanks to this bouncer)
  • Protect your baby from the harsh weather or hot sun without endangering him (that’s what the temperature blanket would do for you)
  • Comfortably hang out with friends or family without worrying that your baby is going to cry throughout.
  • Or just do something you've had to put on hold because of your baby...

Only 27 pieces of The New HotMom Baby Bouncer are available now.

So if you’d love to have your own baby bouncer, 

It is important to place your order today…


We’d soon run out of stock, and when we restock,

The price may increase due to exchange rate wahala.

And once you place your order, the HotMom baby bouncer will be delivered to your doorstep within 24-72 hours.

For example if you live in Lagos, 

Depending on what time you place your order, you’d receive it today or tomorrow…

And if you stay outside Lagos, 

You’d get it in 3 days or less depending on your location.

Just be on standby to pick your call when the delivery man calls. 

One more thing and it’s very important:

I’ve been in business long enough to know that sometimes people will place order for your product,

 And when the delivery man calls them...

They'd either not pick up, or when they do, they give flimsy excuses…

And this results in loss of money for me.


I’ve come up with a simple plan to filter unserious people who just wants to waste my time

The only way I’d know that you’re serious about getting The New HotMom Baby Bouncer is

When you make a non refundable commitment of N2,000

This fee will be deducted from your final payment when you see the delivery man.

So instead of paying N185,000 you’re paying N183,000

Sounds fair?

FILL THE FORM Below To Place Your Order Now.


Remember there are only 27 bouncers left.

Yes, I Want This!

Believe me:

I know how you feel as a new mom

I know the sleepless nights,

The tired days,

Even the depression,

The headaches, 

The constant body aches,

Increase in high blood pressure…

And that’s why:

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me personally…

Feel free to call the number below and ask to speak with Linda specifically.

You can also send a WhatsApp message to the same number.

 +234 111 222 333 444

I will answer any question you may have for me.

To Your Happiness As a New Mom.


HotMom Electric Baby Bouncer

Yes, I Want This!


“ Very user friendly and my little babe loves it so much! Perfect for when you need to get chores done around the house and need a spot to put the baby and still keep them happy and content! Worth every penny.”

Chika Odogwu


Yes, I Want This Right Now!

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